• Massive game tip: How to win ANY battle. Join Poison Water. Try and get Poison Bolts, Poisonous Wave, and Paralyze as soon as you can. Proceed to maximise Poisonous Wave and Poison Bolts. Level up mana to sufficiently high levels. Now when attacking, use Poisonous Wave to add 10 Poison effects to them. Then when defending, use paralyze to stop them while removing 9 Poison effects from them. Continue this until they are defeated. They will not be able to attack you, so long as you don't run out of mana.
  • Massive game tip: How to get lots of skill. In Ice Land, Explore the Main City and Wilderness for the beggar, Lighttouch, and powerful Mage, Chilldream. Each of these will give you 8 Skill Points in 1 month (8 times as much as Mana Cave).
  • Massive game tip: 1 extra Attacking Bolt, 2 extra Defending Bolts. To get an extra Attacking Bolt, Explore Chaos Desert Wilderness and find the gravedigger Sandtracker. It does not matter whether you join him in grave digging or attempt to stop him. Next, Explore Dark Wilderness and find the Sandtracker again. He will offer you the Chaos Desert Orb, which lets you cast an extra Attacking Bolt. 1 of the 2 extra Defending Bolts requires that you be a White Robe. After rescuing the White Robe from the prison in Poison Water, you will be promoted to High Mage. As a reward you will get the White Robe Staff which gives you an extra Defending Bolts. The other one does not require your loyalty to any side. After the Town Crier announces that the White and Black Robes are expanding, Explore Dark Wood Wilderness and find Witchthorn of Dark Wood running from Windsailor of Great Sea after stealing the Great Sea Orb. Windsailor calls for backup, and Witchthorn defeats him in combat. As Windsailor tries to escape, stop Windsailor from escaping by battling him. After defeating him, turn on Witchthorn and kill him. This allows you to take the Great Sea Orb, which also grants an additional Defending Bolt.
  • Massive game tip: Shortcut in Great Sea final battle. Make sure you are ranked in the top 10 in the Book of Mages. This will allow you to automatically beat weak mages without a fight (works for both White Robes and Black Robes).

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